Our Mission

Farewell's School's mission is to meet the needs of all students in a positive and constructive manner. The facility will meet challenging goals around the Learning Results and empower students to be productive in a changing world.

Farwell School Goals

Increase students' achievement- Reading, Writing, and Math
Implement standards-based curriculum - Reading, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Phonemic Awareness. Assessments
  • DRA K-3
  • Phonemic Awareness K-1
  • Teacher made tests
  • Text tests
  • District sight words
  • Portfolios
  • MEA's 3-6
  • NWEA's 3-6

Writing-Topic Development - Assessments
  • Writing Prompts
  • Teacher made tests
  • Text tests
  • MEA's Gr.5
  • Rebecca Sitton's Priority lists

Math-Computation (math facts) - Assessments
  • Timed tests
  • Text tests
  • Teacher made tests
  • MEA's Gr. 3-6
  • NWEA's 3-6

Integrating Technology to support students learning in Reading, Writing, and Math
  • Developing effective strategies to meet the needs of all children-Special Education, Title 1, ELL, and others
  • Common planning time
  • Coordinate services
  • Plan services based on needs
  • Identify and Utilize resources-materials, people, space, and time

Building Community
  • Empower teachers to take more active roles
  • Encouraging parents/teachers to become partners
  • Complete a school plan which reflects needs